Trash Compactor Issues and Solutions

Trash Compactors brought forth a number of advantages not only for our household, but for different corporations, and companies. One thing it does perfectly is helping save our environment from abundant waste and dirt. It hugely helps cut down on garbage bags, labor and waste in general. That is why, a safe and proper functioning of this appliance is in the beneficial side of anyone.

Even a small malfunctioning can get on the way of your trash compactor’s operational management, that is why, you need to be well-aware of the issues that might come to the surface. Along with this, have the number of our experienced technicians at Rancho Cordova Appliance Repair to have a fast, prompt, same day and reliable service at your disposal whenever needed.

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Issue: Smell of the trash compactor is odd and bad.

Cause: Deodorant might be empty or nozzle on the latter maybe clogged.

Solution: Replace the deodorant. With a thin wire, clean the nozzles as well.


Issue: Trash Compactor makes too much noise.

Cause: Lubrication might be necessary. Loosened parts might be the cause.

Solution: Check and ensure that each bolt and screw are tightened. However, in this case, a pulling out of the appliance out of the compartment might be necessary. Call us for a service 916-823-3070.


Issue: Trash Compactor is not turning on.

Cause: May not be plugged in. There might also be a s safety switch and this too needs to be turned on. The door might be open and be the cause of the problem. The appliance can be jammed or the motor can be overloaded.

Solution: Check the power unit. Turn the safety switch button ON. Make sure the door is closed. Clean anything behind the door. Cool down the motor for 10 minutes and then, plug back in again and see if the issue is fixed.


If not, then don’t hesitate to dial 916-823-3070 or Schedule Online!

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