Subzero Wolf is an American luxury. Subzero Wolf household appliances are the realization of the most unbelievable drams in a product of a very high quality, that will meet all your requirements. You might think that a huge size and area usage are not meant to work together, however Subzero Wolf achieved that by years of hard work and experience. These two brands are focused on creating and constantly developing specific sphere of the production. Each company has specific products and the best specialists all around the world are working on them.

Subzero Wolf

The Origin of Subzero Wolf

Subzero Wolf

The origin of Subzero Wolf comes from the middle of the 20th century. Subzero was founded by Westye F. Bakke. He was very talented and in fact his first freezer he created in his basement where he had to keep insulin for his son that was suffering from diabetes. Later on he figured out that it was a good place to keep food as well. And another company that has no analogues in food preparation, Wolf, wants to cooperate. And here the two companies unite.




In the modern world of appliances that are being contently developed, kitchen is the exact place where you would like to see those appliances and the Subzero Wolf American Company decided to show 10 innovation ideas on combination of traditional design with modern developments.

  • Most of the people hate it when the kitchen appliance breaks because sometimes it is an investment for them. Taking that into account Subzero Wolf offers household appliances with the help of which the kitchen will look stylish and wonderful.
  • There is no doubt that a lot of people prefer that the kitchen appliance is invisible to the eye. Subzero Wolf Company offers more than 60 household object that will «disappear» and nobody will be able to tell you that there is anything.
  • With the appliances from Subzero Wolf your kitchen just stops being a boring place to prepare food and eat it. Nowadays Subzero Wolf approaches kitchen area with new feelings that are expressed through different colors and design elements. Some bright details may be added depending on the taste of the customer.