As we mentioned in our previous blog post, in the modern world of appliances that are being contently developed, kitchen is the exact place where you would like to see those appliances and the Subzero Wolf American Company decided to show 10 innovation ideas on combination of traditional design with modern developments.


4) Sub-zero WolfLights in the kitchen stopped being just for lighting the room. They turned into some decorative component and the quantity and the form depend on just your taste. In Subzero Wolf you may be able to find a gorgeous ceiling lamp in modern minimalism style. Nowadays the kitchen appliance also has lighting in it, so it actually might help you cook even more.


Sub Zero Wolf


5) Subzero Wolf innovation projects will help you cook faster and heat the prepared food. They are more functioning and are actually making the access to the fridge and the oven easier. There is one ultimate goal for Subzero Wolf. The less time the housewife spends on the food, the more time she sends with her family.






6) There is no modern kitchen without modern gadgets. That is the main reason why the producers installed LCD, ovens with three halogen lamps etc.

7) Nowadays Subzero Wolf offers another interesting idea and that is the embedded system of coffee-making with self-cleaning function that lets you enjoy your drink whenever you want.



8) Steam-pipe ovens, nice dishes for preparing food on steam, induction cook-tops, deep-frying machines, all of these you may find in Subzero Wolf. That will help you feel like you are a professional chef of a fine restaurant without going out of your house.

9) With Subzero Wolf you won’t have to run all over the stores choosing kitchen appliance just for you. Innovation kitchens let you build in items of different sizes and different forms. Everything depends on your preferences.

10) Subzero Wolf New Generation is a revolution that is actually happening in our kitchens, right before our eyes. And one little sight of that revolution is the Energy Star fridges. They will save you lots of electricity.

So if you want to have a better and more enjoyable time in your kitchen and you want to save some space but have a lot of kitchen appliances, choose Subzero Wolf, because the philosophy of Subzero Wolf is turning the time spent with your kitchen appliance into the best moments of your life.