What you should never put in your dishwasher

Dishwashers are very useful and convenient and perhaps time and water efficient. Sometimes you might be tempted to toss everything into your dishwasher. But not all kitchenware and cutlery are dishwasher friendly. Not all items of your kitchen can withstand the high temperatures dishwashers use to kill the germs and clean effectively. Here are the eight items you should never put in your dishwasher.

1)    Valuable, treasured dishes

Never think about tossing your valuable dishes in your dishwasher. This includes gold-rimmed dishware or delicately patterned dishes. The dish may survive a couple of rounds of dishwasher runs, but it might clink with a non-important item and break into pieces. The dishwasher is not the place to risk breaking and exploding. If one of your valuable dishes explode, you will have to call the appliance repair service to pick up all the broken pieces within your dishwasher.

2)    Takeout Containers

Takeout containers are sure useful when it comes to packing lunches or snacks on the go, but not every one of them is built for the dishwasher. Make sure that your container is clearly labeled as dishwasher friendly by the manufacturer. If it is not labeled, it is not safe. The heat from the washing cycle and the drying cycle of the dishwasher may melt and change the chemical composition of the plastic, making it not safe to place food in it. Try to purchase Tupperware that is labeled as dishwasher friendly as much as possible.

3)    Wooden utensils and cutting boards

Wooden utensils and cutting boards can be altered in the dishwasher due to the high heat temperatures in your dishwasher. They may develop splinters and cracks as the high heat cycle washes away and dries the natural oils within the wooden utensils and cutting boards.

4)    Crystal glass and dishware

You may be afraid to break your precious crystal glasses while washing them by hand, but the dishwasher can do even greater damage. The high temperature of the dishwashing machine and the proximity to other items in the dishwasher may cause your crystal to crack, chip, or take away the shine. If the crystal glass or dishware do end up cracking and exploding within your dishwasher, do not be surprised. Instead, call your appliance repairman to clean up the mess properly as glass may be in deep crevices and the drain.

5)    Dishwashing liquid

Although you may think that since this is a dishwasher, it makes sense to put dishwashing liquid in the dishwasher. However, if you do put dishwashing liquid in your dishwasher, you will have your lovely home become a giant bubble bath in a matter of minutes. Here you can choose the right family cabin rental in Big Bear. Dishwasher requires a very different type of dishwashing solution that is clearly labeled as dishwasher detergent. Therefore, never try to substitute dishwasher detergent with a dishwashing liquid. Use your dishwashing liquid only when you are washing things by hand.

6)    Copper Pans

Copper pans have a nice Feng-Shui look and are superior for their cooking quality. But tossing these in the dishwasher will alter its appearance. It will change the color of your copper pan and make it rustier. Therefore, you should wash them by hand if you want them to stay shiny.

7)    Cheese grater

It is a great task to wash those little crevices of your cheese grater by hand. Nevertheless, do it, visit sunflowermaids.com/. Do not be surprised if you place the cheese grater in the dishwasher and it comes out almost untouched. The dishwasher does not have the capability to pick out all the cheese bits that are hidden and stuck in the deep crevices. It is better to use a brush and clean out the cheese bits by yourself. Cheese graters might accidentally nick the plastic coating on the racks and cause rust to form. When this happens, you will have to call appliance repair services to put a plastic coating on your racks.

8)    Fancy chef-quality knives

The chef-quality knives sure do their work nicely when it comes to slicing your food. And you may feel reluctant to wash them yourselves as you may risk slicing your hand. But your dishwasher won’t do a good job to them. The dishwashing cycles and the abrasive detergents will cause your sharp blades to become dull. Also, the knives, as they are sharp, can nick off the plastic coating on the racks and cause rust to form. When this happens, you will have to call your appliance repairman to put a plastic coating on your racks.