Ice Maker Repair Guide

Whenever your ice maker doesn’t work, you might simply think of buying a new one without knowing that there are professional services you might reach to or do the easy repair things on your own.

Rancho Cordova Appliance Repair will be ready to serve you with solving any issue you might experience with your appliance along with providing Ice Maker Repair diagnostic guide which you can find below.

Follow these tips and diagnose the issue on your own.

Ice Maker Repair Guide


Rancho Cordova Apppliance Repair is here for the help with troubleshooting ice makers.

Symptom 1: The machine makes too much ice and won’t shut off.

FIX: Check the shutoff arm and the switch.

Symptom 2: Makes no ice.

FIX: Again check with the shutoff arm and the supply valve. Test the shutoff switch and the temperature. Check the water supply and inlet line.

Symptom 3: Ice cubes are too small or too large.

FIX: Adjust the cube size control. Check the supply valve and the water supply line.

Symptom 4: Ice is not ejected.

FIX: Inspect the ejector gear and motor. Test the holding switch as well.

Symptom 5: Ice tastes weird.

FIX: Wash the ice bin, get rid of any old food nearby, wash the machine interior.

Symptom 6: Ice is in a different color.

FIX: Test the inlet valve, clean the ice tray.

Symptom 7: Water leakage from the machine.

FIX: Check the appliance for level. Test the water inlet switch, valve and supply line.

Follow this guidance chart whenever something comes out of its functioning regarding your ice maker be it a small issue or a bigger one and you might easily be the one to solve the malfunction.


Ice Maker Repair Guide

If not, you know that our repair Rancho Cordova Ice Maker Appliance Repair are ready to help you out with any appliance you need in no time.

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