Don’t Put These in Your Garbage Disposal

Having a garbage disposal unit in your kitchen is a very helpful appliance, but it is also a fragile one. You must be careful of putting certain food products, or even accidentally dropping items, down the garbage disposal. Don’t worry, because we have a quick guide on what you shouldn’t throw down the drain to ensure your safety and the longevity of your appliance.

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Solid items

Avoid putting anything too solid and hard into the disposal. This includes meat bones, pieces of shattered glass and metal or plastic, and fruit pits. The problem with these items is that they will easily wear out the blades since extra energy will be spent attempting to grind the items properly. Even if the disposal excels in grinding any of these items, they have a high chance of clogging, and removal of them will be a hassle or require complete reassembly of the appliance.

Sticky food in garbage disposal

Avoid putting down any type of food which has a starch or sticky nature. This includes potato peels, pasta, rice, oil and grease. There isn’t a risk of the garbage disposal not being able to properly break down the food in this case, but if used too often, they have a tendency of leaving leftover pieces stuck into the appliance, which over time will pile up and clog it up completely.

Thread-like items

Pieces of food or items which contain long strands of hair and fiber, or anything cut into thin slices are prone to getting tied up to the disposal unit. Over time, these will pile up as well, making it more difficult to untangle them manually. Food products of this sort are corn husks, celery, carrots,  and spaghetti.


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If it’s already too late to save your garbage disposal by yourself, because you have already put any of these items in yours, we offer efficient repair services for garbage disposal units.