What Not To Microwave

Rancho Cordova Microwave Repair Rancho CordovaWe use microwaves on a daily basis to heat up our food or snacks, but did you know that putting some items in the microwave is actually dangerous? Leaving anything for too long in the microwave is dangerous, but some items should not be microwaved even for a few seconds since they will have terrible consequences.

Do not microwave metal, aluminum, paper, styrofoam, plastic

Do not put any form of metal or slightly metallic objects in your microwave. This includes forks, spoons, other similar appliances, metallic containers, or any other objects such as jewelry, telephones, etc. Even though absentmindedly leaving a fork in once may not be trouble, but metal objects can easily catch fire. Either way you should steer clear from willingly putting similar items to heat up. Takeout counters are the most common products which contain paper or metal, so always pour items into a microwave-safe container before heating it up.

Microwaving nothing

As simple as it sounds, don’t just turn on your microwave to any setting without anything inside. Since the waves won’t be directed to heating a specific item, it will cause the entire inside to fill with unnecessary heat, even possible resulting in a house fire if left unsupervised for long.


Cooking eggs are a food prone to exploding in the microwave, especially if left with the shell on in hopes of cooking. Be cautious when cooking eggs, while it is much quicker this way, it is not the most safe way to cook an egg. Opt for boiling or frying your eggs instead to avoid unnecessary mess and dangers early in the morning.

Unsealed containers

While these are less dangerous than any of the other mentioned items, they may cause distress by the large mess created afterwards. If the food is left to heat for too long under the high temperature, it will surely burst entirely inside the appliance. Save yourself the hassle of cleaning up later, seal your food properly before microwaving.

If you have recently used any of these items in your microwave, and you notice that it has been acting strange or not working ever since, then feel free to look at our microwave repair services here. It is better to have yours checked by a technician before it causes any further damage to your household.