Best Refrigerator Type For You

Refrigerator TypesWhen refrigerators were just invented, they mainly consisted of ice blocks to keep food fresh since technology wasn’t as developed as now. When looking to buy a refrigerator in the modern world, there are countless options to choose from, beginning from size to the variety of options it contains. We will look through some common types of refrigerators so you can know which one you benefits your needs when you go shopping.


For those who live in a dorm or small apartment, or just aren’t financially prepared to spend hundreds on a full size fridge, this is a perfect option. These are mostly used by people who live on their own, therefore they do not require a lot of produce constantly. Or those people who prefer eating outside instead of cooking. These refrigerators usually also do not have much much freezer space, so keep that in mind.


French door refrigerator

These are commonly the most expensive since they are larger in size, offering double doors on top, and a larger freezer on the bottom. Different brands may have an altered version of this where there are several levels to the freezer instead of one large door. Either way the concept remains the same most of the time. This is great for large families, people who cook often, or need to store a lot of products regularly.


Top freezer refrigerator

These are probably the most common types of fridges you will stumble across. They are adequate in size to supply an average household, and are less expensive. These types of fridges are the best option for people on a budget, but need a full size appliance to store their produce.

Now that you read about three of the top refrigerator types, each with a varying degree of price and usage, you will know which is more relevant to your everyday needs before going to the appliance store. Do not forget that if for whatever reason your refrigerator is broken, we offer refrigerator repair services. For more information dial 916-823-3070 or look here for more information.